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Helping to Make a Change

Our mission is to involve schools, local businesses and individuals in ocean conservation and protection initiatives through events, workshops and awareness days. That's why all the donations we collect are used for this purpose. 

Any donation will go directly to local use, investing in materials, transpor and delivering of ocean conservation programs, events and workshops involving individuals, schools and businesses.

We receive donations from organizations and individuals. All donations will be appreciated and duly used to support our initiatives. We accept donations by bank transfer. Please find our details below.



Bank: Triodos Bank

IBAN: ES83 1491 0001 2830 0013 7167

How your donation will support our mission 


We will develop our free Education Programmes


We will organize Ocean Conservation Events

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We will convince local companies to join our Travel Life Programme


We will boost the launch of initiatives such as Eco Tours

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Do you have any questions?

We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have about our NGO. 

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